Impression Journal: Spreaker Podcast Software

This Impression Journal Documents Experiences Using Spreaker Podcast Software

An early adopter of Blog Talk radio in 2005, I have been hosting professional interview podcasts for more than a decade. Several podcast software options have and gone. Today I learned about Spreaker podcast software and plan to create a few different shows.

In this Impression Journal I will give dated updates of my experiences with Spreaker podcast software, recommendations and tips if any.

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Dated Updates and Impressions of My Experience Testing Spreaker Podcast Software

November 14, 2018 – Nick Augustine:

The Spreaker software appears easy enough to use. It was quick and simple to fill out my public profile and add links to my website and social media channels. I anticipate Spreaker will be good for quality back-links to my website when linked in the promotional content for my shows.

After dealing with performance issues with Blog Talk Radio, even recently, I have a hunch that Spreaker podcast software is going to provide a much cleaner operation. So long as I can easily upload original episode promotional content and links, I will be able to get my own shows and those for my clients to a larger audience.

I noted that the minimum paid version of the site includes automatic feeds to all the main podcast aggregation sites including iTunes, Sonos, YouTube, SoundCloud and Amazon Alexa, and iHeartRadio.

Using Spreaker podcast software for the first time I will write and create a new “show” to highlight LSCM small business podcasts where we offer value to past, current and future clients, showing them what we do. I will report back after creating the new show and episode, highlighting the podcast I recorded with Scott Davis from Thrive Hive Internet Marketing Chicago on BTR yesterday about SEO + SEM and our LSCM/ThriveHive Affiliate Partnership.

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What is the Impression Journal Series?

The Impression Journal is category of blog articles used to organize updates and tips and experiences with new digital marketing tools, software and methods. At Lone Star Content Marketing we use all the same platforms we also use to promote our clients in their social networks. By testing for one, we test for all. When we like new technology and services, we adopt them and continue marketing forward.

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