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By Nick Augustine, J.D., PR & Marketing Director:

Over many years of practice, I developed proprietary law firm marketing systems to manage my client’s marketing, advertising and public relations. A key component I can share is the individual personality of every client. What works for one may not work for others. An understanding of what my clients care about and that which makes them tick is an asset when creating law firm marketing systems.

Learn from What Frustrates Others

My practice is unique. I am discerning and limiting when taking on new clients. I learned years ago that the best work I do is for those I know, like, and trust. Not only do I make sure the fit is good, I think about whether my clients likely know the other people using my firm for their legal marketing. I assume they will know if I ever promote practices too close or competitive with theirs. It being a quiet check and balance system, it is an important part of the vision of how my practice works. Theoretically, when you distinguish geographic locations and practice areas, everyone you touch is good referral source for the others.

Every Marketing System is Original with Custom Strategy

My suggestion to anyone concerned with growing professional practices is to take note of what others are doing, while you go in your own direction, creating and maintaining your own path. Being structured to allow for flexibility encourages adaptation to all types of conditions. Patience and perseverance are important to growing a practice. The seeds you plant today may take years to grow, and as they do, the fruit can be significant. Law firm marketing systems work, and with our Affiliate Partnership with ThriveHive, the Google Premiere Partner, we can do just about anything for you.