Political Digital Marketing Texas

Political Marketing Requires Organic Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing

Nick Augustine, Founder of Lone Star Content Marketing, is an active Conservative Republican who wants like minded and positioned GOP candidates to win!

Did you know how few conservatives make a living working in the creative digital marketing industry? There are very few. Wouldn’t you prefer to trust your campaign to someone you can know, like and trust? Work with Nick’s team to create a strong and well-optimized custom website to get your policy and message to voters. Next we pair you with ThriveHive to use their powerful advertising tools and software to get your message to the masses as you earn the votes you need to win.

Need Intelligence on Your Opponent? Let Us Look Under the Hood and Supplement Your Opposition Research

The same way we use our website auditing software to look at our competitor’s keyword strategy, we can see those keywords used by your opponent in their messaging strategy.

Lone Star Content Marketing handles all your search engine optimization. From developing your WordPress websites to managing keywords, writing content, managing social media, recording podcasts and sending email campaigns, we have you covered. Especially during peak times in political campaigns we work with you at the speed of information to respond quickly when necessary.

ThriveHive is our Affiliate Partner. They are also a Premiere Google Partner, one of few, and they have direct communication with Google and intelligence about what keywords are working and what others are recommended to get the maximum benefit from your paid Search Engine Marketing for your political campaign. ThriveHive is your source for search advertising, display advertising, mobile advertising with geofencing, and YouTube video advertising.

Everything We Do For Small Businesses Applies to Political Campaigns and Marketing

Founder, PR and Marketing Director, Nick Augustine knows Denton County Republican Politics. Nick is a DCRP Precinct Chair and the Vice Chairman of Outreach and Engagement for the Denton County Republican Party, appointed by Chairman, Ms. Jayne Howell.