Social Media Marketing

Law Firm, Political, and Business Social Media Marketing

Lone Star Content Marketing offers professional advertising, marketing, public relations work. We write and manage original content for our clients’ social media, blogs, newsletters, podcasts, events, public relations, and advertising campaigns. Our law firm social media marketing services work for Texas law firms. Social media marketing made easy!

Lone Star Content Marketing makes you look good and keeps your name and content popping up in others’ news feeds, emails and search results. Like any advertising, the more they see you the more they will remember you when they need to do business.

Boosting Posts on Facebook – Advertising to New People Works

Facebook advertising works and our clients consistently report engagement with new clients and customers. Boosting Facebook posts is an art and making sure your content is on point is step one. Targeting a specific audience and location is step two. When we boost Facebook posts and use similar sponsored advertising options on other social media sites and apps, we might get one chance to make a good first impression. That is why we need to make sure your website and social media pages have recent, relevant content. We make sure your client and customer prospects know you are engaged in the community and open for new clients and referrals.

Social Media Management

Our experienced social media writers can manage your business’s online presence (via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) and strategically spread your content where it is most profitable. We speak Twitter and are skilled in earning retweets (RTs) and followers looking for valuable content, such as your blog.

Blog Research and Publication

We research and write about the news and trends in your business area with SEO and keyword rules in mind. It is easy, you simply e-mail us an article link with any notes on the article and we further research and write the story to publish and promote on your blog.

Internet Radio Podcast Production

We research, produce and host Internet radio podcasts featuring attorneys discussing the latest news and trends. Then we produce and share the podcasts on websites, social media, and newsletters. Our 30-minute interview format is easy and comfortable. 

Newsletter, Website Content, Press Release Writing, and Promotion

You can hire Lone Star Content Marketing to write and edit your monthly newsletters, press releases and website copy. We need to keep the activity level up and bring people and the SEO robots to websites to increase web presence. We work and associate with a variety of local advertising and creative agencies that help us get you the best service and results.