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The Google Map Pack and SEO

Use Lone Star Content Marketing to Position You for the Google Map Pack

Google determines your local results based on relevance, distance, and prominence. While you may not be able to do anything about location and distance from people searching, you can affect your relevance and prominence on Google.

Google Map Pack and Search Engine Ranking Factors We Can Control

Take advantage of opportunities you can control in your Internet marketing strategy. You want people to find you online and that starts with Google. Telling Google who you are and what you do seems obvious, but there are simple opportunities people often miss.

Google determines who appears on the maps and search with several factors. Google wants to show the best search result options on maps and search results. Google offers helpful articles like this: Improve your local ranking on Google. The article explains how important it is to take a few of the following steps in your Google My Business (GMB) page:

  • Verify your location(s);
  • Keep your hours accurate;
  • Manage and respond to reviews; and
  • Add photos

Google determines your local results based on relevance, distance, and prominence. While you may not be able to do anything about location and distance from people searching, you can affect your relevance and prominence on Google.

Nick Augustine, Lone Star Content Marketing founder on relevance and prominence, “Completing your online business profile and using consistent business information everywhere you are can affect your search relevance. The prominence part is more complex. We can’t see the algorithms, but we know what seems to work when we see results.”

Google My Business Optimization for the Google Map Pack

Just like the best websites are the easiest to use and find, a Google My Business profile needs to be perfect. Be able to simply communicate and make yourself look like a relevant authority people want. How quickly can someone can understand what you do and whether you are good at it? Try Googling a common thing you look for online and take a closer look at well-known companies that appear in the map pack. It can take lots of time and work to make it look seamless.

Citation Signals for the Google Map Pack

Citations in search engine optimization are online references to your business name, address, and phone number. For example, your business is listed on a chamber of commerce or civic group website is a citation. People often think a link to their business is necessary for citations. This is not true, but often the same place you have a citation, you also have a link. These citations show Google that your business has authority when its name, address and phone number appear on the Internet.

On-page SEO for the Google Map Pack

On-page SEO is the reason we have “content marketing” in our agency name. When people talk about keywords and content they are talking about on-page SEO, the practice of optimizing individual websites pages and blog posts to rank higher. The higher-ranking sites get more relevant traffic in search engine results. If you want people to find you in the Google Map Pack for “Divorce Lawyer Georgetown, Texas,” you have lots of work with that longtail keyword. The more you publish, the better you rank. It can take three to six or more months to rank for certain keyword combinations. Google rewards hard work, the frequent publishing of original content.

Use Lone Star Content Marketing to write your on-page SEO for the Google Map Pack and search engine result pages. Call Nick Augustine at (940) 498-2863 or contact Lone Star Content Marketing to get started.

Effective Law Firm Marketing and SEO Requires Content Marketing and Auditing

The best and the worst things about content marketing is the long haul to success. So while you tune your Google Ad words to make the phone ring immediately, keep those keywords handy for your on-page SEO work. Whether you write and publish all your own content or use a website content marketing agency, make sure you make the plan and work the plan. If you are not technically trained in writing keyword content in the right structure, don’t waste your efforts on what Google may see as filler content that does not help establish your relevance and prominence.

“Over 15 years in law firm content marketing I’ve put together a combination of written, audio, and video content that Google seems to love.” – Nick Augustine

Use Lone Star Content Marketing for Google Map Pack Strategy and SEO (940) 498-2863

Lone Star Content Marketing is a well-known Texas digital marketing agency serving law firm, politician, and business clients. The monthly content marketing strategy and content research, writing, and publishing are tested with the most current search engine auditing software technology. The right tools take the guesswork out of content marketing strategy.

Nick Augustine, J.D. decided instead of practicing law, he wanted to make law practices better. Nick operates Lone Star Content Marketing as a boutique digital marketing agency with subcontractor talent who work on all the online marketing elements you can imagine. Lone Star Content Marketing is a one-stop Internet marketing agency for lawyers, politicians and business professionals.

Don’t put it off any longer, start boosting your online presence today!

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Law Firm, Political & Business Marketing

Small Business Digital Marketing & Advertising with Nick Augustine and Scott Davis

Small Business Digital Marketing: Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing

Nick Augustine with Lone Star Content Marketing and Scott Davis with ThriveHive are Affiliate Partners Focused On Your Success.

When Your Small Business Digital Marketing Team Includes Nick and Scott, You Make More Money

In this podcast Nick and Scott visit about the small business digital marketing recipe for attracting new prospects and clients through a combination of WordPress development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Small Business Digital Marketing

Small Business Digital Marketing

Lone Star Content Marketing’s founder, Nick Augustine has been a WordPress blog and website developer since 2005 and uses industry leading keyword research and auditing software to organize and produce high quality content for the search engines so they may discover your website, index it for its categories and rank your site’s authority to boost its visibility in the search engines. At Lone Star Content Marketing, we write and manage all your website and blog content, social media, podcasts and newsletters.

Once your website is performing well and you have all the right keywords and content structured for success, ThriveHive steps in to increase your phone calls and leads. Scott Davis from Thrive Hive Internet Marketing Chicago asks you how much more volume you can handle and uses ThriveHive databases to make educated decisions to avoid guesswork on what will work and how. Because ThriveHive is one a Premiere Google Partner, something of limited exclusivity based on performance and skill, ThriveHive gets direct feedback from Google to maximize your paid search, display advertising with mobile geofencing and YouTube video advertising.

You may also listen to this podcast, Affiliate Partners: Lone Star Content Marketing and ThriveHive on our Blog Talk Radio channel for The Denton Area Business Beat.

Call Nick Augustine at Lone Star Content Marketing Today! (940) 498-2863. 

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Robbie Allmon, Tactical Trainier

Tactical fitness and strength training for law enforcement and first responders


In this Texas Law Talk Radio podcast episode we are focused on law enforcement and first responders who can benefit from tactical fitness and strength training. Join Texas Law Talk Radio host, Nick Augustine, with personal fitness trainer, Jay Dial from Body Force Fit and law enforcement tactics instructor Robbie Allmon from P2 Concepts.

With increased attention on law enforcement officers and first responders, leaders in law enforcement can support a culture of good health, strength and fitness so officers are more effective in their line of duty.

Tactical fitness and strength training for law enforcement and first responders

  • Fitness and strength training required by law enforcement departments
  • Identifying the real and daily demands on police and first responders
  • Age, wear and tear are reasons to keep the body and muscles moving
  • Tactical training boot camps support fitness and efficiency on the job
  • Situational awareness, being able to protect yourself and lift properly
  • Tactical fitness training incorporates boxing and interval training

About our program: Texas Law Talk Radio is an internet podcast interview series featuring guests involved in creating, enforcing and litigating the laws of the State of Texas.

Texas Law Talk Radio is produced and sponsored by Lone Star Content Marketing, providing law firm advertising, public relations and marketing services to Texas law firms and related organizations. To learn more please visit or dial (940) 498-2863.

About today’s guests:

Jay Dial, Personal Trainer

My name is Jason Dial, everyone calls me Jay for short. I want to help you attain the body and lifestyle you want. Personal training has been a goal of mine after I returned from the military. I got into fitness at a very young age, always playing sports whether it was baseball, soccer, track, football and MMA. After high school I received a scholarship to play football at Southwestern College in Kansas. I spent two seasons playing football but I decided to serve by joining the military. I had to train in a totally different way that was completely different from anything that I have ever trained for. After leaving the military, I needed to find a way to relieve stress. Physical fitness was the best option to rid stress and stay healthy. This lifestyle led me to develop Body Force Fit, a business dedicated to meeting people where they are and help clients achieve their best fitness level.

My goal as a fitness professional is to change your life. I am passionate about helping others get fit and achieve their goals. The great thing about personal training is that I get to see the changes and the positive impact on my clients’ lives. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing my clients work hard, give great effort and get the results they want.

Robbie Allmon, Tactical Trainier

Robbie Allmon is a professional consultant and instructor providing training principles to those interested in developing firearms, personal protection, and tactical operations to name a few. These principles focus on obtaining the maximum outcome by creating consistency through proper training and understanding how the body functions under real world high stress situations thus developing a controlled combative mindset.

Rob’s professional experience consists of serving honorably in the United States Marine Corps, where he was instilled with strict Corps values; Honor, Courage, and Commitment. These values are still the foundation of his personal and professional character. In addition to his military career, Rob has served over 12 years as a Law Enforcement Officer and maintains an Advanced Peace Officer’s License in the State of Texas. While in Law Enforcement, Rob served as the Team Leader of the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) unit, a member of a Special Operations and Response Team (SORT), Firearms Instructor, TCOLE Instructor, and Field Training Officer (FTO) among many others.

Rob left Law Enforcement full time to pursue other ventures where he worked stateside as well as overseas as a Security Specialist Contractor. While in this capacity he held many assignments ranging from Executive Protection to becoming the Team Lead of a Special Response team in Afghanistan. In addition to Rob’s specialized training, he has trained many personnel including: Military, Law Enforcement, Private Security, and Private Citizens.

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