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The Google Map Pack and SEO

Use Lone Star Content Marketing to Position You for the Google Map Pack

Google determines your local results based on relevance, distance, and prominence. While you may not be able to do anything about location and distance from people searching, you can affect your relevance and prominence on Google.

Google Map Pack and Search Engine Ranking Factors We Can Control

Take advantage of opportunities you can control in your Internet marketing strategy. You want people to find you online and that starts with Google. Telling Google who you are and what you do seems obvious, but there are simple opportunities people often miss.

Google determines who appears on the maps and search with several factors. Google wants to show the best search result options on maps and search results. Google offers helpful articles like this: Improve your local ranking on Google. The article explains how important it is to take a few of the following steps in your Google My Business (GMB) page:

  • Verify your location(s);
  • Keep your hours accurate;
  • Manage and respond to reviews; and
  • Add photos

Google determines your local results based on relevance, distance, and prominence. While you may not be able to do anything about location and distance from people searching, you can affect your relevance and prominence on Google.

Nick Augustine, Lone Star Content Marketing founder on relevance and prominence, “Completing your online business profile and using consistent business information everywhere you are can affect your search relevance. The prominence part is more complex. We can’t see the algorithms, but we know what seems to work when we see results.”

Google My Business Optimization for the Google Map Pack

Just like the best websites are the easiest to use and find, a Google My Business profile needs to be perfect. Be able to simply communicate and make yourself look like a relevant authority people want. How quickly can someone can understand what you do and whether you are good at it? Try Googling a common thing you look for online and take a closer look at well-known companies that appear in the map pack. It can take lots of time and work to make it look seamless.

Citation Signals for the Google Map Pack

Citations in search engine optimization are online references to your business name, address, and phone number. For example, your business is listed on a chamber of commerce or civic group website is a citation. People often think a link to their business is necessary for citations. This is not true, but often the same place you have a citation, you also have a link. These citations show Google that your business has authority when its name, address and phone number appear on the Internet.

On-page SEO for the Google Map Pack

On-page SEO is the reason we have “content marketing” in our agency name. When people talk about keywords and content they are talking about on-page SEO, the practice of optimizing individual websites pages and blog posts to rank higher. The higher-ranking sites get more relevant traffic in search engine results. If you want people to find you in the Google Map Pack for “Divorce Lawyer Georgetown, Texas,” you have lots of work with that longtail keyword. The more you publish, the better you rank. It can take three to six or more months to rank for certain keyword combinations. Google rewards hard work, the frequent publishing of original content.

Use Lone Star Content Marketing to write your on-page SEO for the Google Map Pack and search engine result pages. Call Nick Augustine at (940) 498-2863 or contact Lone Star Content Marketing to get started.

Effective Law Firm Marketing and SEO Requires Content Marketing and Auditing

The best and the worst things about content marketing is the long haul to success. So while you tune your Google Ad words to make the phone ring immediately, keep those keywords handy for your on-page SEO work. Whether you write and publish all your own content or use a website content marketing agency, make sure you make the plan and work the plan. If you are not technically trained in writing keyword content in the right structure, don’t waste your efforts on what Google may see as filler content that does not help establish your relevance and prominence.

“Over 15 years in law firm content marketing I’ve put together a combination of written, audio, and video content that Google seems to love.” – Nick Augustine

Use Lone Star Content Marketing for Google Map Pack Strategy and SEO (940) 498-2863

Lone Star Content Marketing is a well-known Texas digital marketing agency serving law firm, politician, and business clients. The monthly content marketing strategy and content research, writing, and publishing are tested with the most current search engine auditing software technology. The right tools take the guesswork out of content marketing strategy.

Nick Augustine, J.D. decided instead of practicing law, he wanted to make law practices better. Nick operates Lone Star Content Marketing as a boutique digital marketing agency with subcontractor talent who work on all the online marketing elements you can imagine. Lone Star Content Marketing is a one-stop Internet marketing agency for lawyers, politicians and business professionals.

Don’t put it off any longer, start boosting your online presence today!

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website maintenance and search engine optimization

Website Maintenance and Search Engine Optimization: We Speak WordPress

WordPress is a Website Content Management System for Website Construction and Maintenance

Since 2005, Nick Augustine, J.D., founder of Lone Star Content Marketing has been building, maintaining, and creating written, audio, and video content for WordPress websites. While most clients are Texas lawyers, judge, elected officials, and service industry professionals, Lone Star Content Marketing works for everyone with a website, including brick and mortar retailers and those who sell products online. We love website maintenance and search engine optimization.

website maintenance and search engine optimization
Use Lone Star Content Marketing for Website Maintenance and Search Engine Optimization

“I love that WordPress was Texan born and built to change the face of the Internet. Every year I go to WordCamp in Fort Worth and learn what is new and how we can better serve our website clients. The developer community is like a big family, always sharing and helping one another.” Nick Augustine, Founder, Lone Star Content Marketing.

All websites need regular maintenance to attract and maintain search engine ranking. Website maintenance is also necessary to maintain the value of the website. When a website is updated with current technologies that make everything work right, that website can be reskinned with freshly updated looks and navigability options. On the other hand, a website that is not updated should usually be scrapped and replaced by a new modern site. What is modern versus out of date can be a matter of months or a few years for purposes of website maintenance and search engine optimization.

A Quick Note About Domain Age and Value – Keep the Domain and Rebuild the Website

Google technologies are advanced and Google rewards you for being in business for a long time, for posting blog articles, and updating your website. When you have a domain that has been in use for 10 years, Google appreciates that your site is authoritative and relevant to people searching for a business like yours. So always make sure to renew and keep a great domain address because even if you don’t want it later you can sell it to someone else.

When your domain ranks well on the search engines it is worth more. Search engine ranking comes from a variety of factors including the frequency of originally published content. An optimized site is one that fits the formats used by Google to index and rank your site.

Meanwhile, if you have an old website that has not been updated monthly, and has not been updated in a long time, it may be impossible to bring it current and you will have to start fresh. Remember, a website is nothing more than a visual, functional representation of code. The website is mutually exclusive of the domain, usually hosted and managed through GoDaddy.

Let’s all thank this code writer who creates the great WordPress templates that make us all look good. Call Lone Star Content Marketing today and let’s get you set up with monthly maintenance and website updates and upgrades. Get a fresh new look. (940) 498-2863.

Managed WordPress and GoDaddy for Website Maintenance and Search Engine Optimization

At Lone Star Content Marketing we always trust industry-standard vendors who know what they are doing and offer superior products and services. Therefore, we stick with GoDaddy. The GoDaddy Managed WordPress product is great for many reasons. From automatic website backups, updates and live 24-7 tech support, GoDaddy is the way to go and paying around ten dollars a month for Managed WordPress should be part of everyone’s marketing budget. Nowadays, websites are more cost-effective to build with custom and template options. Monthly maintenance and content to stay competitive in the search engines are also standard.

Learn more about the features and benefits of Managed WordPress hosting through GoDaddy

Hackers are out there, and their day job is to steal your information, make your website sick, and sabotage your site so it doesn’t show up as a healthy site would. Especially in highly competitive businesses like law firms, your competition might be trying to hack you. While we all wish it wasn’t true, we need to be more careful than ever when protecting our intellectual property, our brands, and our websites. Always pay the extra twenty dollars a month for the GoDaddy Website Security product.  

Most Websites Crash from Plugin Failures When Not Updated

A plugin is software we add to your WordPress website with functional features for your website visitors. For example, a PayPal button to donate to a political campaign or a LawPay button to clients to pay their attorneys are added to websites using plugins.

Popular plugins we frequently use are social media linking and sharing plugins, Yoast SEO plugins, calendaring and appointment feature plugins, WooCommerce for online merchants, and many more. Plugins are an important part of your website maintenance and search engine optimization.

At Lone Star Content Marketing, we only use trusted plugins that are stable and known to be trustworthy. We update plugins so they don’t fail. When they fail, your website could go down and not appear online. At that point, we would contact GoDaddy and restore and repair the problem. Like a car, computer or mobile device, all the working parts must be updated to keep all the functions and features working. As website and search engine technology is constantly improving and updating, website maintenance is an absolute necessity for anyone who wants people to find and use their WordPress website.

The Speed of Your Website is a Factor in Performance and Search Engine Visibility

Reminding us that a website is a system of functional code and files that are processed and displayed as a website, we should appreciate that the more things our website is doing, the more time it can take to load properly. For example, a page full of videos or images with large file sizes take longer to load and render than an external link to the same video on YouTube (Note: always take advantage of opportunities to place your content and links to your website on Google properties such as YouTube).

Your website loading speed affects your page rank and SEO. There are many tools we can use to assess and make repairs and updates, so your site loads quickly. Remember that people are fickle and have short attention spans, often leaving a website before it loads if it is taking too long. Google wants its search engine users to find high-quality websites with relevant and authentic information from you, the authority on your products or services.  

SEO Audits and Reports with Action Items to Increase Search Engine Results

After many years of people trying to figure out how to track website performance and untangle the mysterious web of how to give Google content the way it wants, we now have SEM Rush, Moz, and many more website auditing and reporting software. We use these tools for website maintenance and search engine optimization.

At Lone Star Content Marketing we pay for the license to use these great systems that automatically send us emails with opportunities to increase your SEO performance. For example, these systems run tests on your site and will notify us if a link is broken somewhere so we can fix it. So if the article we linked to on a blog article two years ago is broken, we can go in and remove or replace that link.

The content and SEO reports are fantastic. They take the guesswork out of content strategy so we can write and publish your original website and blog content, so your website shows up on the first page of Google when people search for certain keywords. We love having that keyword research handed right to us through these great auditing and reporting systems.

Get on Board with Lone Star Content Marketing (940) 498-2863

When you use Lone Star Content Marketing, you have a team of website professionals and original content writers. Founder and Marketing Director, Nick Augustine, knows and works with a team of professionals for all your advertising and marketing needs. From a variety of professional video and audio production services to website security and protection resources, we can handle literally anything. Our affiliate partner, Scott Davis, at ThriveHive is our digital advertising manager who can make the phone ring immediately with Google Ad campaigns.

We understand Google and live in WordPress, and we want to work for you. To learn more about our WordPress website and content services, please contact us through our website or call (940) 498-2863 for a consultation for website maintenance and search engine optimization.

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Attorney Marketing Videos Improve Social Media Marketing and Cause More Website Visitors to Contact Your Law Firm

Texas Law Firm Video Marketing and Advertising to Get More Clients

Texas Law Firm Video Marketing and Advertising Production by Lone Star Content Marketing

Well-produced law firm video marketing makes you and your law firm look good. People notice the quality of your office, the car you drive, and the suit you wear to court. They also notice your website and expect a successful firm to have well-done attorney videos.

Believe it or not, many people are intimidated by lawyers and are may not be the best mood if they are searching for a lawyer. If your video makes the person feel comfortable, they are more likely to contact you. People like to do business with others they know, like, trust.

A friendly, calming video assuring someone how you and your law firm can help them is exactly what helps people searching online for an attorney.

At Lone Star Content Marketing, we produce high-quality videos for marketing and advertising lawyers on websites, in social media and online advertising campaigns. The team of videographers we use is highly talented and sophisticated with the editing and creative process.  

Attorney Marketing Videos Improve Your Social Media Marketing and Cause More Website Visitors to Contact Your Law Firm. Call Nick Augustine, J.D. at Lone Star Content Marketing at (940) 498-2863.

Attorney Marketing Videos Improve Your Social Media Marketing and Cause More Website Visitors to Contact Your Law Firm

Law Firm Video Marketing For SEO

Texas law firm SEO explained: Search engines robots love law firm video marketing because they know how much people like watching videos online and especially in their social media feeds. As soon as the video is added to your website and social media with links back to your website the organic search engine optimization process begins. As more robots and human web traffic view your videos, your SEO scores raise.

People are more likely to interact with a video, giving it a like, comment or share, for example. The time they spend watching the video on a website or social media also affect SEO. This activity tells the search engine robots and SEO system that your videos are relevant and popular. This social proof tells the SEO robots they should rank the website higher because of the evidence of your authority and knowledge.

The Search Engine Journal, a highly respected authority on point discusses law firm video marketing and similar content marketing elements in this article: Law Firm SEO: 5 Things You Can Do to Start Seeing Traffic & Results.   

Cost-effective Video Marketing Tips for Lawyers

When working with a law firm video marketing crew, make the most of everyone’s time and resources. Be prepared enough footage so the editor can create high-quality videos that people will enjoy watching. Potential clients are more likely to respond to well-produced videos with action shots, voice-overs, and image effects. In the editing process, multiple videos can mix and match information about different practice areas and examples of what type of law you practice.

Gaining More Exposure on Social Media with Quality Law Firm Video

Your videos should be on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. When you pay the advertising fee or boost your post, whatever they call it, your video is going to be seen by new people as well as the people you already know in your social media networks.

When someone makes a lawyer referral, they want to show them something that looks good. It is helpful knowing you are recommending a lawyer who has a great video on their website.

People who know they are going to find a lawyer to increase child support, get their will and estate planning updated, or do something for their business, might be putting off looking for an attorney. But when they come across someone on their social media, talking to them in a video they may decide to click around for the phone number and make the call.  

Law Firm Video Marketing Should Be Part of Your Marketing and Advertising Budget

Running a law firm is expensive. From rent to payroll and vendors, overhead adds up. It can be a challenge knowing what to spend where. Marketing experts suggest law firm budgets be near three percent of gross revenues, half of which should be dedicated to digital marketing and online advertising.

See more about law firm marketing budgets in this Above the Law article, Get Real with Law Firm Marketing – 5 Observations.

When you set your law firm marketing budget, you can spend money on all kinds of services and options. The great thing about law firm videos is you have them forever. Lawyers who spend money on content marketing are investing in a library of searchable webpages, blogs, podcasts, and videos.

Just as you update our cell phones, computers and update your website, you should update your law firm videos to make sure they are produced with the latest technology and equipment, so you look good and up to date.

How We Produce Attorney Marketing Videos at Lone Star Content Marketing

When your firm needs new videos, use Lone Star Content Marketing. We will produce your videos by talking to you about your video goals and budget. Every project is different and no two are ever the same. Some shoots are done on location at the law firm, and others are shot with a green screen in a studio. If you can think of it, we can make it happen.

You can write and memorize everything, talk on the fly, or be prepared to read from a teleprompter. Videos can incorporate a variety of indoor and outdoor settings and voiceover recording. Lone Star Content Marketing takes care of everything behind the scenes, from beginning to end; we can even help you with all the promotion and advertising as well.

Call Nick Augustine, J.D., your law firm video marketing agent at Lone Star Content Marketing in Denton County, Texas at (940) 498-2863 or send a quick email.

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