Established 2005

Nick Augustine Founded Lone Star Content Marketing in 2005

Law Firms and Sole Practicing Attorneys Needed an Outsourced Marketing Solution to Help People Find Them Online

John Nicholas Augustine, J.D., founded Lone Star Content Marketing to meet the needs of solo-practicing attorneys and small law firms by producing high-quality websites, audio, video, and website content.

Getting involved in business and chamber of commerce groups, Nick started working for business clients who also needed high-quality blog articles, websites, and social media marketing services. 

What We Do For Our Clients

  • We increase your online presence and help people find you in search engine results, from the ads to the maps and the organic results.
  • When people find you and review your website and social media pages, the variety of content we create for you helps them decide to hire or buy from you.
  • People seek out others they know, like, and trust. We focus on making you look good and highlighting what you do well for your clients or customers.

At Lone Star Content Marketing, we make our attorney clients approachable and highlight the critical elements of their practice and what makes them unique.

Today We Work With Texas Attorneys and Business Owners Statewide

The attorneys and business owners who trust Lone Star Content Marketing are highly rated and respected by their peers the clients. We serve Texas law firms and businesses all over Lone Star State in small towns and big cities like Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and everywhere.

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