Podcast Production

Podcast interviews and conversations are helpful to people looking for information on your website, social media, and all the industry-standard podcast sites. We started offering podcasts in 2005 using industry-standard Blog Talk Radio channels. Today, we still use the basic tools, including RSS feeds that send the podcasts to all the main podcast websites like iTunes, Stitcher, and Spotify.

When we record a series of law firm podcasts we are creating a library of valuable information. When the podcasts are easy to find on your website, current clients, referrals, and people who find you in their search engine results can find all the information they need. With most clients, we also record the podcast interview with the video camera and use the video in connection with the podcast to better increase your law firm’s online presence.

Texas Law Talk Radio

Texas Law Talk Radio! Get your episode scheduled today (940) 498-2863.

Join the Texas Law Talk Radio Network and get booked for your podcast interview. We can schedule you for a sponsored interview as a single feature program, and you will probably want to start doing monthly podcasts. You can also get a video of the podcast interview for promotion and advertising purposes.

Running for office and your competition is raising issues? A podcast is a great way to get your message out to voters!

Attorneys: Did you just have a crazy case or thought in court you wish you could share with others? Call us!