Facebook advertising policies

Facebook Advertising Policies: Why Do Ads Keep Getting Rejected?

About Facebook Advertising Policies and Community Guidelines

A page on Facebook advertising policies offers an overview of the ad review process, steps to take if disapproved, and many other policies that apply to a boosted post, which turns that post into an ad by paying money to boost it to appear as advertised content to a target advertising audience. Some find it frustrating to have a boost of a post to be rejected without what seems like a clear reason. But when thinking about other forms of advertising, one would accept adherence to advertising guidelines.

Where social media had been less restrictive in the past, and while it might create additional work for the content writers and publishers, the net result can be plainly-written content catching more attention by readers and search engine bots. This is a good thing and it requires content writers to be more aware and adapt to content requirements and guidelines, if not just for ads, also for SEO.

Facebook Ads: Personal Attributes Policy, Do Not Say “You?”

Personal attributes as defined relate directly to the private aspects of a person’s life. Likewise, personal attributes can relate to a person’s body, its care, or appearance. When someone receives an ad rejection notice from Facebook, they can research why their ad violated the Personal Attributes policy. Most often people find articles warning about using the word, “you” in their ad. While the word “you” alone is not a violation, it can trigger the automated Facebook bots and flag your ad for rejection.

The personal attributes concern is about calling people out for and identifying them by their personal attributes. For example, having children is a personal attribute. When writing a post, avoid pointing out people as parents by saying for example, “Attention parents, feeding children…” as opposed to “Attention parents, feeding your children…” As Facebook sees it, by saying “your” presumes the personal attribute of being a parent to every person who sees your post as you boost it.

The Work Around: Use Generic Plain Language for a Broad Audience

Plain Language for a Broad Audience

It makes good sense in advertising to appeal to a greater audience and not a specific individual defined by a personal attribute. Using more global language and considering a broad audience is essential when writing Facebook posts as ads to be boosted.

Beginning with a generic statement with broad reach can start with a question. For example, “Concerned about co-parenting during the holidays?” Contrast with “Are you a concerned co-parent during the holidays?” Note how the second sentence pinpoints the reader as being a co-parent, which is a personal attribute, and that is what triggers an ad rejection.

Plainlanguage.gov: What is Plain Language?

Options Facebook Offers When Rejecting Your Ads

When Facebook rejects an ad because it does not comply with their policies, they offer additional options including requesting a review of the post. Facebook uses algorithms that flag content that might violate its community advertising policies. Requesting a review may cure the block to boosting.

Alternatively, you can learn what you may have done wrong and create a new post consistent with Facebook ad policies. But before you delete your post to repost and boost it, consider the engagement you already have on the post. If several people liked, commented, or shared your post, your best benefit for traction is to leave it be. Because the post had so many interactions, it is likely to show up again in Facebook’s featured content it shows people hopping on to their page who haven’t been there in a while.

Expanding to Website Pages and Blog Articles: Plain Language and General Appeal

When the tech companies make and enforce content policies it can be challenging. Concerned about all the past-published content that could hurt page rank? Just as this preceding sentence is written to be inclusive and of general appeal, even by way of illustration, it begs an important question about current content.

A best practice with website content, on individual pages and blogs, is to be aware of plain language writing and general appeal moving forward. It is also a good idea to spend some time reviewing current website pages and reworking phrases that could harm page rank for violating personal attributes policies. And even if that is not happening to the website yet, it could affect page rank in the future.

Additionally, there is a search engine optimization benefit to plain language writing for a general audience. The search engine crawlers and artificial intelligence involved in scanning website content for page rank are always advancing. Easily added programs like Grammarly make editing easy and score the readability of the content. Content ranked easier to read is likely to be favored by search engines, especially when written plainly.

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Positivity Trainer

Outrageous Cases: Lawsuit to Reduce Dutchman’s Age by 20 Years

Petitioner, a Positivity Trainer, Compared Request to Change Age to Gender Identification

A court in the Netherlands ruled against a 69-year-old Dutchman who petitioned to change his age. Mr. Emile Ratelband is a “positivity trainer” and hoped legally decreasing his age by 20 years would give him a competitive edge. Taking 20 years off, Ratelband argued, would make him more attractive in dating and career prospects.

Absent legal precedent, or a procedure to change his legal age, the Petitioner compared an age change to “the change to identifying as being transgender.” He asserts that his doctors acknowledge that he is in good physical condition, with a body more like a 45-year-old. Weighing all comparisons with a much younger person, Ratelband was certain he deserved to become 49 again. To sweeten the pot, he offered to let go of his pension.

Netherlands Lawsuit Reduce Age

The Court Denied the Petitioner’s Request for Relief

In the Netherlands, there is an express prohibition against age discrimination in employment. If the Petitioner is discriminated against for being a 69-year-old, he would have a right to seek a legal remedy.

The Court disagreed with the Petitioner’s argument that changing gender status is equivalent to changing one’s age. The Court identified several rights tied to one’s given age. Furthermore, allowing an age change would cause many problems and set a dangerous precedent.

The court stated, “Rights and obligations are also attached to age… for example, the right to vote, the right to marry, the opportunity to drink alcohol, and to drive a car.”

What is a Positivity Trainer?

One would think a professional positivity trainer would find a way to see their age as a benefit and a positive personal attribute. It seems ironic that one would need to lie about or change their age to be valued in work and personal relationships.

Life coaching, positivity psychology, and self-help have been popular for years. There are Apps we can download to help us keep an Upbeat Mind. But if that is not enough to help yourself be positive, you can hire a trainer to boost your attitude.

A Media Bump From Publicity: A Smart PR Moment

While Mr. Ratelband believed he was losing out on opportunities due to the perception of his age, he certainly gained attention with his lawsuit. When you search “Positivity Trainer” on Google, you easily find the BBC article on point.

In communications classes in public relations, professors teach the art of never wasting a good crisis or negative news story. In today’s media, it is common to see celebrities and professional athletes commenting on the news of the day. And if you are not famous already, you too can get your moment in the spotlight and your name recognition in search engine results; just sue to change your age.

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Authentic Attorney Branding

You Be You: Authentic Attorney Branding

Authentic Attorney Branding, How Do We Stand Out in Lawyer Marketing?

From websites to marketing materials and social media pages, too many attorneys fail to set themselves apart from the crowd. Maybe it is not our fault? From the first day of law school, we are told we know nothing about the law and must learn from building block cases and the Socratic method. Then in our ethics classes, we learn how awful it can be responding to a grievance or inquiry from the bar about our law firm marketing and attorney branding materials.

It is amazing how much freedom there is in attorney marketing compared to not that many years ago. Today we have more options than the Yellow Pages. If you recall, most phone book advertising was straightforward, and most law firm ads shared similar features. While some may have pushed the limits of what some consider tasteful and appropriate, others remained cautious of drawing attention for a bold advertisement.

See our related article: Law Firm Branding on Instagram

Modern law firm marketing includes a standard array of social media, videos, podcasts, and websites. There are so many places we can advertise and marketing our law practice it becomes important to make sure your look is memorable to others. When you build a recognizable brand in lawyer marketing, you can set yourself apart from others. How bold you go, is up to your comfort level.

Texas Law Hawk: Bryan Wilson’s Website and Videos Are Memorable (Attorney Branding Win!)

Anyone who watches Attorney Bryan Wilson’s Texas Law Hawk videos remembers the eagles and “talons of justice.” They may also remember that Wilson is a DWI lawyer based on all his spoof videos driving home basic points about criminal defense law and dealing with the police. People see and share Texas Law Hawk videos and they love them. The thing Wilson does to keep things fresh is to make content that is relevant to current events. And while many people might not adore the Above the Law publication, they are writing about Texas Law Hawk videos. The latest features the Texas Law Hawk in an epic battle with COVID!

People Call and Send Referrals to Lawyers and Attorneys They Know, Like, and Trust

Get value out of every phone call, especially the ones that are outside of your practice area. Most lawyers have several friends and colleagues they recommend to people looking for an attorney. Now imagine your friend is giving someone your name and number. The person looking for a lawyer is going to Google your name and sift through the search results. Nowadays we are all conditioned to Googling things and we expect what we find to look a certain way. People who hire lawyers expect them to have social media pages with videos and content.

Think about yourself looking for another professional such as an allergist. In the process of searching for a doctor and making contact, your perceptions are quick. Within a few seconds, you know whether you have a positive, neutral, or negative reaction to an advertisement or website. What impresses us? Think of symmetry. Studies show that people with symmetrical faces are rated more attractive.

Simply having a pleasant looking and easy to navigate website makes you someone the potential client likes. When you have videos and articles and share what seems like personalized information, you are earning trust. The more someone gets that gut feeling you are what they are looking for, the more likely they are going to hire your firm.

Being Authentic in Your Personal and Law Firm Social Media

People are intimidated by lawyers. When we put people at ease, they are more comfortable clients. Some lawyers, especially senior lawyers, take boundary setting to a level that makes a prospective or current client uncomfortable. The reality is that many lawyers today are friendly and approachable while keeping appropriate boundaries.

Do you remember the first time a client sent you a Facebook or LinkedIn request? Was it a major privacy invasion? Many authentic attorney branding campaigns focus on attorneys building name recognition by being more active on social media. This suggestion may have been ill-received 10 years ago, especially considering a client might see you like, comment, or share something while they think you are working on their case, remember that some of them think they are your only client and you don’t have a personal life.

The Lawyer with the Horses on Her Law Firm Website: Authentic Attorney Branding

She is a hypothetical family law and criminal defense attorney with an equine-themed website. She lives in horse country and has many friends who breeders and work in equestrian industries. She attends as many local and civic events and knows people in the community. She is growing her firm and adding new attorneys and paralegals because she grew so popular.

Her old website was built by one of those big “you know who” legal vendors and it was nice but did not set her apart from the other family lawyers. It was not necessarily memorable. She asked her Facebook friends for referrals on website builders and she called us at Lone Star Content Marketing.

We talked about standing out from the crowd while maintaining a professional look and inspiring confidence. Using a tasteful equine theme, we ended up with a new website and branding materials that carried her memorable look with all her marketing efforts. People immediately told her they liked her website with the horses. What people were seeing was someone who was confident and put herself out there by personalizing her brand. People like that.

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Google Map Pack

The Google Map Pack and SEO

Use Lone Star Content Marketing to Position You for the Google Map Pack

Google determines your local results based on relevance, distance, and prominence. While you may not be able to do anything about location and distance from people searching, you can affect your relevance and prominence on Google.


Google Map Pack and Search Engine Ranking Factors We Can Control

Take advantage of opportunities you can control in your Internet marketing strategy. You want people to find you online and that starts with Google. Telling Google who you are and what you do seems obvious, but there are simple opportunities people often miss.

Google determines who appears on the maps and search with several factors. Google wants to show the best search result options on maps and search results. Google offers helpful articles like this: Improve your local ranking on Google. The article explains how important it is to take a few of the following steps in your Google My Business (GMB) page:

  • Verify your location(s);
  • Keep your hours accurate;
  • Manage and respond to reviews; and
  • Add photos

Google determines your local results based on relevance, distance, and prominence. While you may not be able to do anything about location and distance from people searching, you can affect your relevance and prominence on Google.

Nick Augustine, Lone Star Content Marketing founder on relevance and prominence, “Completing your online business profile and using consistent business information everywhere you are can affect your search relevance. The prominence part is more complex. We can’t see the algorithms, but we know what seems to work when we see results.”

Google My Business Optimization for the Google Map Pack

Just like the best websites are the easiest to use and find, a Google My Business profile needs to be perfect. Be able to simply communicate and make yourself look like a relevant authority people want. How quickly can someone can understand what you do and whether you are good at it? Try Googling a common thing you look for online and take a closer look at well-known companies that appear in the map pack. It can take lots of time and work to make it look seamless.

Citation Signals for the Google Map Pack

Citations in search engine optimization are online references to your business name, address, and phone number. For example, your business is listed on a chamber of commerce or civic group website is a citation. People often think a link to their 
business is necessary for citations. This is not true, but often the same place you have a citation, you also have a link. These citations show Google that your business has authority when its name, address and phone number appear on the Internet.

On-page SEO for the Google Map Pack

On-page SEO is the reason we have “content marketing” in our agency name. When people talk about keywords and content they are talking about on-page SEO, the practice of optimizing individual websites pages and blog posts to rank higher. The higher-ranking sites get more relevant traffic in search engine results. If you want people to find you in the Google Map Pack for “Divorce
Lawyer Georgetown, Texas,” you have lots of work with that longtail keyword. The more you publish, the better you rank. It can take three to six or more months to rank for certain keyword combinations. Google rewards hard work, the frequent publishing of original content. Use Lone Star Content Marketing to write your on-page SEO for the Google Map Pack and search engine result pages. Call Nick Augustine at (940) 498-2863 or contact Lone Star Content Marketing to get started.

Effective Law Firm Marketing and SEO Requires Content Marketing and Auditing

The best and the worst things about content marketing is the long haul to success. So while you tune your Google Ad words to make the phone ring immediately, keep those keywords handy for your on-page SEO work. Whether you write and publish all your own content or use a website content marketing agency, make sure you make the plan and work the plan. If you are not technically trained in writing keyword content in the right structure, don’t waste your efforts on what Google may see as filler content that does not help establish your relevance and prominence.

“Over 15 years in law firm content marketing I’ve put together a combination of written, audio, and video content that Google seems to love.” – Nick Augustine

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website maintenance and search engine optimization

Website Maintenance and Search Engine Optimization: We Speak WordPress

WordPress is a Website Content Management System for Website
Construction and Maintenance

Since 2005, Nick Augustine, J.D., founder of Lone Star Content Marketing has been building, maintaining, and creating
written, audio, and video content
for WordPress websites. While most clients are Texas lawyers, judge, elected officials, and service industry professionals, Lone Star Content Marketing works for everyone with a website, including brick and mortar
retailers and those who sell products online. We love website maintenance and search engine optimization.

website maintenance and search engine optimization

Use Lone Star Content Marketing for Website Maintenance and Search Engine Optimization

“I love that WordPress was Texan born and built to change the face of the Internet. Every year I go to WordCamp in Fort Worth and learn what is new and how we can better serve our website clients. The developer community is like a big family, always sharing and helping one another.” Nick Augustine, Founder, Lone Star Content Marketing.

All websites need regular maintenance to attract and maintain search engine ranking. Website maintenance is also necessary to
maintain the value of the website. When a website is updated with current technologies that make everything work right, that website can be reskinned with freshly updated looks and navigability options. On the other hand, a website that is not updated should usually be scrapped and replaced by a new modern site. What is modern versus out of date can be a matter of months or a few years for purposes of website maintenance and search engine optimization.

A Quick Note About Domain Age and Value – Keep the Domain and Rebuild the Website

Google technologies are advanced and Google rewards you for being in business for a long time, for posting blog articles, and updating your website. When you have a domain that has been in use for 10 years, Google appreciates that your site is authoritative and relevant to people searching for a business like yours. So always make sure to renew and keep a great domain address because even if you don’t want it later you can sell it to someone else.

When your domain ranks well on the search engines it is worth more. Search engine ranking comes from a variety of factors including the frequency of originally published content. An optimized site is one that fits the formats used by Google to index and rank your site.

Meanwhile, if you have an old website that has not been updated monthly, and has not been updated in a long time, it may be impossible to bring it current and you will have to start fresh. Remember, a website is nothing more than a visual, functional representation of code. The website is mutually exclusive of the domain, usually hosted and managed through GoDaddy.

Let’s all thank this code writer who creates the great WordPress templates that make us all look good. Call Lone Star Content Marketing today and let’s get you set up with monthly maintenance and website updates and upgrades. Get a fresh new look. (940) 498-2863.

Managed WordPress and GoDaddy for Website Maintenance and
Search Engine Optimization

At Lone Star Content Marketing we always trust industry-standard vendors who know what they are doing and offer superior products and services. Therefore, we stick with GoDaddy. The GoDaddy Managed WordPress product is great for many reasons. From automatic website backups, updates and live 24-7 tech support, GoDaddy is the way to go and paying around ten dollars a month for Managed WordPress should be part of everyone’s marketing budget. Nowadays, websites are more cost-effective to build with custom and template options. Monthly maintenance and content to stay competitive in the search engines are also standard.

Learn more about the features and benefits of Managed WordPress hosting through GoDaddy

Hackers are out there, and their day job is to steal your information, make your website sick, and sabotage your site so it doesn’t show up as a healthy site would. Especially in highly competitive businesses like law firms, your competition might be trying to hack you. While we all wish it wasn’t true, we need to be more careful than ever when protecting our intellectual property,
our brands, and our websites. Always pay the extra twenty dollars a month for the GoDaddy Website Security product.  

Most Websites Crash from Plugin Failures When Not Updated

A plugin is software we add to your WordPress website with functional features for your website visitors. For example, a PayPal button to donate to a political campaign or a LawPay button to clients to pay their attorneys are added to websites
using plugins.

Popular plugins we frequently use are social media linking and sharing plugins, Yoast SEO plugins, calendaring and appointment feature plugins, WooCommerce for online merchants, and many more. Plugins are an important part of your website maintenance and search engine optimization.

At Lone Star Content Marketing, we only use trusted plugins that are stable and known to be trustworthy. We update plugins so they don’t fail. When they fail, your website could go down and not appear online. At that point, we would contact GoDaddy and restore and repair the problem. Like a car, computer or mobile device, all the working parts must be updated to keep all the functions and features working. As website and search engine technology is constantly improving and updating, website maintenance is an absolute necessity for anyone who wants people to find and use their WordPress website.

The Speed of Your Website is a Factor in Performance and Search Engine Visibility

Reminding us that a website is a system of functional code and files that are processed and displayed as a website, we should appreciate that the more things our website is doing, the more time it can take to load properly. For example, a page full of videos or images with large file sizes take longer to load and render than an external link to the same video on YouTube (Note:
always take advantage of opportunities to place your content and links to your website on Google properties such as YouTube).

Your website loading speed affects your page rank and SEO. There are many tools we can use to assess and make repairs and updates, so your site loads quickly. Remember that people are fickle and have short attention spans, often leaving a website before it loads if it is taking too long. Google wants its search engine users to find high-quality websites with relevant and authentic information from you, the authority on your products or services.  

SEO Audits and Reports with Action Items to Increase Search Engine Results

After many years of people trying to figure out how to track website performance and untangle the mysterious web of how to give Google content the way it wants, we now have SEM Rush, Moz, and many more website auditing and reporting software. We use these tools for website maintenance and search engine optimization.

At Lone Star Content Marketing we pay for the license to use these great systems that automatically send us emails with opportunities to increase your SEO performance. For example, these systems run tests on your site and will notify us if a link is broken somewhere so we can fix it. So if the article we linked to on a blog article two years ago is broken, we can go in and remove or replace that link.

The content and SEO reports are fantastic. They take the guesswork out of content strategy so we can write and publish your original website and blog content, so your website shows up on the first page of Google when people search for certain keywords. We love having that keyword research handed right to us through these great auditing and reporting systems.

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Law Firm Video Marketing

Texas Law Firm Video Marketing and Advertising to Get More Clients

Texas Law Firm Video Marketing and Advertising Production by Lone Star Content Marketing

Well-produced law firm video marketing makes you and your law firm look good. People notice the quality of your office, the car you drive, and the suit you wear to court. They also notice your website and expect a successful firm to have well-done attorney videos.

Believe it or not, many people are intimidated by lawyers and are may not be the best mood if they are searching for a lawyer. If your video makes the person feel comfortable, they are more likely to contact you. People like to do business with others they know, like, trust.

A friendly, calming video assuring someone how you and your law firm can help them is exactly what helps people searching online for an attorney.

At Lone Star Content Marketing, we produce high-quality videos for marketing and advertising lawyers on websites, in social media and online advertising campaigns. The team of videographers we use is highly talented and sophisticated with the editing and creative process.

Attorney Marketing Videos Improve Your Social Media Marketing and Cause More Website Visitors to Contact Your Law Firm. Call Nick Augustine, J.D. at Lone Star Content Marketing at (940) 498-2863.

Attorney Marketing Videos Improve Your Social Media Marketing and Cause More Website Visitors to Contact Your Law Firm

Law Firm Video Marketing For SEO

Texas law firm SEO explained: Search engines robots love law firm video marketing because they know how much people like watching videos online and especially in their social media feeds. As soon as the video is added to your website and social media
with links back to your website the organic search engine optimization process begins. As more robots and human web traffic view your videos, your SEO scores raise.

People are more likely to interact with a video, giving it a like, comment or share, for example. The time they spend watching the video on a website or social media also affect SEO. This activity tells the search engine robots and SEO system that your videos are relevant and popular. This social proof tells the SEO robots they should rank the website higher because of the evidence of your authority and knowledge.

The Search Engine Journal, a highly respected authority on point discusses law firm video marketing and similar content marketing elements in this article: Law Firm SEO: 5 Things You Can Do to Start Seeing Traffic & Results.   

Cost-effective Video Marketing Tips for Lawyers

When working with a law firm video marketing crew, make the most of everyone’s time and resources. Be prepared enough footage so the editor can create high-quality videos that people will enjoy watching. Potential clients are more likely to respond to well-produced videos with action shots, voice-overs, and image effects. In the editing process, multiple videos can mix and match information about different practice areas and examples of what type of law you practice.

Gaining More Exposure on Social Media with Quality Law Firm Video

Your videos should be on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. When you pay the advertising fee or boost your post, whatever they call it, your video is going to be seen by new people as well as the people you already know in your social media networks.

When someone makes a lawyer referral, they want to show them something that looks good. It is helpful knowing you are recommending a lawyer who has a great video on their website.

People who know they are going to find a lawyer to increase child support, get their will and estate planning updated, or do something for their business, might be putting off looking for an attorney. But when they come across someone on their social media, talking to them in a video they may decide to click around for the phone number and make the call.  

Law Firm Video Marketing Should Be Part of Your Marketing and Advertising Budget

Running a law firm is expensive. From rent to payroll and vendors, overhead adds up. It can be a challenge knowing what to spend where. Marketing experts suggest law firm budgets be near three percent of gross revenues, half of which should be dedicated to digital marketing and online advertising.

See more about law firm marketing budgets in this Above the Law article, Get Real with Law Firm Marketing – 5 Observations.

When you set your law firm marketing budget, you can spend money on all kinds of services and options. The great thing about law firm videos is you have them forever. Lawyers who spend money on content marketing are investing in a library of searchable webpages, blogs, podcasts, and videos.

Just as you update our cell phones, computers and update your website, you should update your law firm videos to make sure they are produced with the latest technology and equipment, so you look good and up to date.

How We Produce Attorney Marketing Videos at Lone Star Content Marketing

Law Firm Marketing Instagram

Law Firm Branding on Instagram

Law Firm Marketing and Instagram: It Works

Three years out of law school I jumped on a novel idea at the time, using social media in law firm advertising, marketing, and public relations. It was 2005 and most people told me I was reaching at best. Politely thanking critics with a “just watch me” attitude I set out to persuade law firm managing partners to use social media. At the time, most law firm marketing budgets covered websites, phone book ads, and placement in legal periodicals and newspapers. Feeling like a young creative innovator I found my way into speaking before groups of lawyers and my business model started catching traction. I really felt like an innovator and some called me an expert and leader in my field. Humbly, but proud, I can say many of my would-be competitors joined in the game after I was first and goal.

Innovation in any field must balance with the realities of business such as paying the bills and affording to take a salary. It became clear that more law firm patrons wanted nothing more and nothing less than what was the industry standard. Guess who created the industry standards in marketing? Big law.

Why Does Big Law Set the Standard?

“If big law does it, so can I,” was the accepted notion among small firms and sole practitioners. Many were new to the idea of social media marketing and it was a few years before the State Bars acknowledged the value and specifically carved out ethics language allowing for social media marketing. Remember that lawyer advertising was very limited in years past.

Fast forward to the 10-year mark in my practice – almost every firm had at least a Facebook page. What my client firms did not share with big law, were internal marketing departments. I chose to stick with the conservative approach and use the primary industry standard social media platforms, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google plus. Why use Google plus when nobody seems to use it? The answer is SEO and I am happy to have that conversation.

The Day Instagram Arrived on the Discussion Table

I would be remiss not to mention that blogs, podcasts, and e-news compilations of content are also a vital part of any online marketing and branding plan. Today I still find new ways to repurpose the original content we write for our law firm clients. What I didn’t expect however was for a client to ask me for an Instagram account.

I started liking Instagram more during the height of the election chaos and virtual blackout of non-election information on social media. I liked the idea of “just pictures” and friends who were not politically polarizing. Working in online communications I quickly noted the “sponsored” (advertising) options on Instagram and reserved judgment. I thought, “Please do not let Instagram become another advertising-saturated social media site” As a Gen Xer I like others am quick to dodge targeted ads.

Is Instagram a Place Where We Can All Share our Brands Without Being Obtuse?

While I strongly believe that the public is better served by well-communicating lawyers and firms who share stories and updates about the law and how it affects us all, I am concerned with making my clients look good and we never want to be obnoxious. Introducing law on sites like Instagram requires we modify our approach and sail in among others on the feed with positive images and branding. We will keep it positive, keep it light, and remember that a story can tell a thousand words.

Remembering that a call to action in a social media post can be a recommendation to visit the firm’s website for more information. Does that call to action must always be written? I say no. So long as there is a web link in the Instagram profile, someone interested in your Instagram post knows how to find you.

My goal in writing this post is not to encourage everyone to jump on Instagram. I implore people to refrain from jumping into a new social media platform and treating it like everything else. If you chose to post on Instagram, have a plan and creative branding strategy.

While the difference in law firm marketing, advertising, branding, and public relations may be subtle, the experienced social media user can tell who is doing it right and who is failing to respect them as the end-user.

About Us: Lone Star Content Marketing manages law firm advertising, marketing, and public relations. Call us at (940) 498-2863 for more information. We have plenty of articles and resources on our content marketing blog.

blog writing

The Key to Blog Writing is Organization

Blog Writing is Fun and Easy When You Get Organized

Blog writing is easy when you have something to say. What happens when you know people are waiting for content and you draw a blank? I remember trying to force myself to sit down and write papers in college before they were due. Fat chance. But as I look back, even though I wasn’t writing them down, I was working on them in my head and making notes. What is systemic organization? This is nerd speak in blog writing for “make a plan, work the plan.”

We Take it One Step at a Time

When you break blog writing down into a series of easy tasks that take very little time, you can keep your mind working without committing anything to the page until you are ready. In 2008, when asked to write a weekly column for a major legal publication, I jumped at the experience and loved until I started having a tough time coming up with topics on demand, having something to say, and offering value. Yikes. In reaching back to my undergraduate work which at a Jesuit school, was writing intensive, I wrote out a systemic plan of attack to always come up with content, even when you aren’t feeling so inspired.

  1. Think about what the audience really cares about.
  2. Research what others are saying about it.
  3. Make notes about possible paragraph topics.
  4. Write it down on paper, in outline format.
  5. Sit down and type, not stopping until you are done.
  6. Walk away from your work for a few hours or more.
  7. Submit, publish, and walk away instead of second-guessing your work.

By taking the time to follow a construction process, I end up organizing my thoughts and putting the story together so well that when it is time to reduce it all to writing, the only limitations are my keyboard accuracy and words per minute.

We All Know We Have The Skills and Tools to Get Organized

I think back to writing college papers and working in short, manageable amounts of time. Doing so allows me to tackle just about anything, knowing I don’t have to start and finish it in one sitting.

Now, the system I use might not be a good fit for anyone else, but it is what works for me. What works for you? Maybe splitting up the work makes it easier for everyone. The risk is starting a bunch of projects and never finishing any of them, and unfortunately, I have no advice on point.

It has been many years since I wrote the legal column for Attorneys in Transition, eventually renamed Around the Water Cooler. In the meantime, I’ve been writing all kinds of marketing, advertising, and public relations content for all my attorney and law firm clients. At this point in my career, my systemic organization is proprietary and second nature. But it never may have been if I didn’t pay attention to what worked for me and how to overcome challenges in blog writing for a living.

About Us: Lone Star Content Marketing manages law firm advertising, marketing, and public relations. Call us at (940) 498-2863 for more information. We have plenty of articles and resources on our content marketing blog.

Marketing System

Law Firm Marketing: Updating Your Website

The Key to Law Firm Marketing is A Frequently Optimized Website

When was the last time you updated your website? It is a good idea to update your website at least once a year. More frequently, you should check for security updates. As your practice grows, updating your website is important. Updating to newer website platforms that load quickly and work well on mobile devices helps people find you when they need you, without slowing them down.

As You Update or Replace Your Website:

  1. Use a modern website

Make sure a potential client or referral can quickly find your website and credentials. Even if you have a large network of people who send you cases, those referral clients may get nervous if their lawyer doesn’t have a modern website that is easy to navigate on computers and mobile devices.

  1. Make sure your website is easy to navigate

Look at a few big law firm websites and notice that many of them have simple layouts and are easy to navigate. You have one chance to make a first impression. The first time someone sees your site they will quickly form an impression of you and your firm.

  1. Avoid clutter on the home page

If a website has too much clutter, the user can be distracted and may not find the information they need. Make sure it is easy for people to find out what you are all about and whether you are a good match for whatever services they seek.

  1. Use quality pictures and videos

A potential client or referral will appreciate a professional-looking website. Current website platforms make it easy to incorporate quality imagery that makes you look good. Professional videos are a great way to share information about your practice in a way viewers can get to know you.

  1. Include links to your social networks

People like to know their lawyer is someone they can relate to. Be sure your website has links through which people can find your LinkedIn, Facebook, and other networking sites, especially Avvo. Potential clients may be interested in who you all know in common and in what activities you may be involved. Most people hire and make referrals to people they know, like, and trust.

We Can Do Everything For You, From Writing to Publishing Your New Law Firm Website

When you are ready to update your law firm website, consider using Lone Star Content Marketing. We have a great WordPress website development team and can update your current website or build you a new site that is easy to read and navigate on any computer or mobile device. We can also help you build a blog article library and manage all your social media marketing and advertising.

About Us: Lone Star Content Marketing manages law firm advertising, marketing, and public relations. Call us at (940) 498-2863 for more information. We have plenty of articles and resources on our content marketing blog.

Marketing System

Developing Proprietary Marketing Systems

Organizing Law Firm Marketing Systems

Over many years of practice, I slowly developed my proprietary marketing system to manage my client’s digital marketing, advertising, and public relations. A key component I can share is the individual personality of every client. What works for one may not work for others. An understanding of what my clients care about and that which makes them tick is an asset.

I used to advertise and market the services of my firm with many blogs, podcasts, and presentations that were detailed and technical. While certainly proving knowledge and mastery of the subject matter, all most people wanted to know was the result and how it would work for them. It is better to keep the process to yourself insofar as you can adapt that system as you go and are not bound by what industry competitors are doing, which can be a monkey see, monkey do operation.

The Interpersonal Relationship Among Clients and Their Marketing Team is Important

Underneath it all, one element of my practice is unique: I am discerning and limiting when taking on new clients. I learned years ago that the best work I do is for those I know, like, and trust. Not only do I make sure the fit is good, I think about whether my clients likely know the other people using my firm for their legal marketing. I assume they will know if I ever promote practices too close or competitive with theirs. It being a quiet check and balance system, it is an important part of the vision of how my practice works. Theoretically, when you distinguish geographic locations and practice areas, everyone you touch is a good referral source for the others.

My suggestion to anyone concerned with growing professional practices is to take note of what others are doing, while you go in your own direction, creating and maintaining your own path. Being structured to allow for flexibility encourages adaptation to all types of conditions. Patience and perseverance are important to growing a practice. The seeds you plant today may take years to grow, and as they do, the fruit can be significant.

About Us: Lone Star Content Marketing manages law firm advertising, marketing, and public relations. Call us at (940) 498-2863 for more information. We have plenty of articles and resources on our content marketing blog.