About Nick Augustine

Nick Augustine, J.D. is a Texas Law Firm & Attorney Marketing Professional

Nick Augustine, J.D. is a Law Firm & Attorney Marketing Professional

Nick is an experienced digital marketing professional for Texas law firms and attorneys.

He leverages a 20-year background in communications, psychology, and business with extensive legal knowledge in a variety of practice areas to provide unparalleled digital marketing services.

Ongoing Technical Training and Certifications

An admitted WordPress nerd, Nick maintains annual certifications and attends continuing training in SEO, content writing, WordPress website development, and management.

Texas Divorce and Family Law Content Marketing

Focused on high-net-worth divorce and family law content marketing, Nick has been working in and around family law since the mid-90s and stays current on updates in Texas law and trends in family courts and among practitioners.

Committed to Organic Business Growth

A Texan small business owner and operator, Nick is the founder and principal of Lone Star Content Marketing, hanging his shingle in legal marketing in 2005, just three years after graduating from law school and seeing an industry need to fill.

Nick is active in many community organizations and helps connect people with new service providers and opportunities. He is committed to earning referrals and new clients with ethics and hard work.

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