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Joe Zaid is a Personal Injury Attorney for Texas Accident Victims, Office in Pasadena, Texas – Episode 225 Recorded 04/13/2023.

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Current Events and Issues in Texas Law and Litigation

The purpose of this podcast is to highlight great lawyers and professionals with insight into common legal issues and the practice of law. 

We talk about the law as it arises in current events and issues affecting us all. 

Do you need a referral to an attorney? Texas Law Talk -Radio is here to help with attorney referrals in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi. 

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Texas Law Talk Radio is a program about Texas law, helping potential clients spot legal issues and find great attorneys and law firms for all their matters. From seeking advice and counsel to filing lawsuits, and appeals, there are all kinds of issues that affect individuals and organizations.

Nick Augustine has been hosting Law Talk Radio podcasts since 2005 and has interviewed attorneys over just about everything in current events so that we all are more informed legal consumers and clients.

Not only do we feature well-respected lawyers on our program, but also, we highlight the experts on whom attorneys and their clients rely when proving their claims and allegations.

The Features and Benefits of our Texas Law Talk Radio Podcast Programs

As the lawyer buying a promotional podcast episode, all you need to provide is the topic and we take care of the rest. Nick Augustine has produced and promoted hundreds of podcasts since 2005 and interviews attorneys and other guests to develop the most useful dialogue for people issue spotting and looking for lawyers and experts.

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Logistics: You Can Call In and Participate or We Can Come to Your Office to Record and Get Video

When you work with Nick Augustine you can expect a great podcast and a video to promote everything on YouTube and social media. Based out of Denton, we can come to you all over the DFW Metroplex and or wherever your office is located, from Tyler to Lubbock.

After recording the audio and shooting a short commercial video to promote your program, Nick goes back to the studio and gets to work editing audio, video, and written copy to publish your program on the Lone Star Content Marketing website and social media channels that reach endless referral sources.

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