Website Construction & Management

Website Design, Construction, Content Writing, and Publishing

The first thing we look at is your website. Like other software and technology, your website should be frequently updated for looks and functionality. The updates required to keep your information moving in the search engine require regular maintenance. At Lone Star Content Marketing, we meet new people with websites needing updating and others needing a new website and design from scratch. The tools and templates we can use to make attractive websites allow us to make you look competitive on a small business budget for website content marketing.

With an Updated Modern WordPress Website, We Get to Work!

Our monthly content marketing plans cover all the research, writing, and publishing of original blog articles, social media updates, newsletters, and Internet radio podcast interviews. Our proprietary systems keep your content fresh and relevant, increasing human and robot traffic to your websites and social media networks. We help you keep your place as an industry leader as we maintain your focused image of success. We also offer all the traditional public relations, branding, marketing, and event planning services in-house or through another local creative agency with whom we share referrals and website content marketing projects.

We Make You Look Good at Every Turn With Focused Public Relations Strategies in Website Content Marketing

The media and content publishers influence your audience of potential clients and referral sources. Many influencers rely on social media when searching for content sources to report in their publications. Social media is a broad term that covers social networking websites, blogs, podcasts, and video communications. Social media changed the way public relations firms approach communication with influencers and audiences.

Social Media Legal Marketing is Good for Your Brand and Reputation in Search Engines

Anyone looking for content can search social media publications instead of relying on traditional media sources. Blogs and websites are content warehouses with resources, testimonials, and credentialing tools. Law firms with significant published content are more likely to attract new business. Many journalists who receive press releases about law firms will search for the firm online and review their online content.

Search engine optimization is a frequent topic of discussion, and savvy public relations professionals draft copy using keyword tools and generators. When your content is written with keywords in mind, your content has a much better chance of being discovered in search engine results. Public relations professionals boost SEO by publishing their law firm clients’ frequent original content in social media publications like the law firm’s blog and sharing links with short descriptions on strategic sites.