Law Firm Newsletters and Top of Mind Awareness

If you already have a website with blog articles, you have plenty of content for a law firm newsletter. In addition, take the opportunity to let the people on your newsletter list know what is new with you and your firm. Tell them about an upcoming event. Did you hire a new paralegal? Add it to the newsletter. Keep it interesting, keep it informative, and keep it light.

Well-prepared newsletters and articles are scanned by some and read by others. A newsletter program shows how many people opened your newsletter and what links to your website were clicked. While that information is helpful in law firm marketing, the more important takeaway is that people continue to see your newsletter when it lands in their inbox.

Even if your newsletter list includes other lawyers, they may be the best source of client referrals. In current times most people receive emails from many sources. Making a list is easy. You can extract names and emails from your contact management system. Letting people know about your list allows them to sign up, and every new client should be on your list, and in the future, they may send you referrals.

What Content to Include in a Newsletter

Think about how your law firm’s website is organized. The main practice area pages describe what you do and let a potential client understand more about what to expect. Meanwhile, your blog articles focus more on things happening in the world, common questions asked by clients, and other ideas that you believe people find exciting and helpful in sending referrals.

Blog articles, podcast links, videos, and short news and information are great content for your newsletter. When reviewing your content ideas, use the “who cares” test and consider how you are sharing information. Make sure that it sounds exciting and point out if the article is something people might share on their social media and with others if it has value and is relevant to people.

How to Judge the Effectiveness of Law Firm Newsletter Email Campaigns

When blogs and social media were new and first used to promote professionals, readers engaged more with likes, comments, and shares. Today, people spend more time clicking and scrolling. They may not engage with your content for several reasons. For example, by engaging with an article, they might not want to tip their hat if they are looking for a divorce lawyer. That said, people see your articles because your social media pages show how many impressions there were.

With your newsletter, you can see how many people opened it, and you might get a few email responses from friends and colleagues saying hello. That is valuable. That is top-of-mind awareness. The next time someone asks that person for a lawyer, you hope they remember to give your name.

Branding takes time, and if you focus on relating to your audience and being a legitimate and trustworthy information source, people will remember you when they or a friend may need your legal services.

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