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Texas Workforce Commission: Texas Labor Market Continues to Expand

Thriving Texas Labor Market Adds Over 42,000 Jobs in April 2024

Overview of Texas Labor Market Growth

The Texas labor market is experiencing unprecedented growth, setting record-high levels for jobs, employed Texans, and the civilian labor force. The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) reported significant job additions in April 2024, marking the 37th consecutive month of positive annual job growth. See TWC Press Release, May 16, 2024.

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Key Highlights

Record Highs: Texas added 42,600 jobs in April 2024, bringing total nonfarm employment to 14,159,000.

Annual Growth: Over the past year, Texas added 306,000 jobs, with a nonfarm growth rate of 2.2%, surpassing the national rate by 0.4 percentage points.

Labor Force Expansion: The civilian labor force grew by 37,000, reaching a new high of 15,226,800, with 32,500 more employed Texans.

Sector-Specific Job Growth

Leading Industries

Certain industries have grown remarkably, contributing significantly to the state’s economic expansion.

Private Education and Health Services: Added 12,000 jobs, leading the monthly growth.

Trade, Transportation, and Utilities: Increased by 9,800 positions, reflecting robust economic activity.

Professional and Business Services: Grew by 7,600 jobs, indicating a strong demand for professional expertise.

Unemployment Trends

Declining Unemployment Rates

Unemployment rates across Texas Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) have shown a promising decline.

Midland MSA: Recorded the lowest unemployment rate at 2.2%, down by 0.4 percentage points from March.

Amarillo and College Station-Bryan MSAs: Followed closely with a 2.6% unemployment rate.

Statewide Unemployment

Texas’s overall seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 4.0% in April 2024. This consistent decline demonstrates the state’s resilient economic health.

Implications for Job Seekers and Employers

Opportunities for Job Seekers

With continuous job growth, Texans have access to many employment opportunities.

Increased Job Availability: Every month of record growth translates into more job openings across various industries.

Support Services: TWC and local Workforce Solutions offices offer programs and services to help job seekers enhance their skills and find suitable employment.

Career Development: The expanding job market provides career advancement and skill diversification avenues.

Support for Employers

Employers looking to expand or establish operations in Texas can benefit from various TWC programs.

Upskilling Workforce: TWC supports employers’ initiatives to train and upskill their employees, ensuring a competent workforce.

Filling In-Demand Jobs: Programs are available to help employers fill positions in high-demand occupations, which are crucial for business growth.

Economic Support: The strong labor market and low unemployment rates create a favorable business expansion and innovation environment.

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