Is Boutique Better Unveiling the Unique Charms Of Personalized Service
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Is Boutique Better? Unveiling the Unique Charms Of Personalized Service

The Solo Marketing Guy Always Answers the Phone, Even in a Carwash 

Nick Augustine here. I’m the author behind everything you read. This short article highlights the benefits of being a solo practitioner with a boutique marketing firm. I am happy to share a recent experience that asks why solo practices and boutique firms are better suited to provide better service. 

When a potential client discovered our services through Google and reached out, we agreed on the value of smaller operations offering more direct and personalized customer service. Our conversation took an unexpected turn when they called me back on my cell while I was at the car wash. This spontaneous interaction added a touch of fun and humor to our discussion, underscoring the unique experience that boutique firms can provide. 

How Big of an Office Do We Need to Do Quality Work? 

Twenty years ago, when I started my law firm marketing business, it was still important to make it look like you had a “real” company, and that required great office space and all the expenses that make you look like you’re making it. People added multiple consultants to their websites to make it look like they were a bigger operation. But why did we want to look like big companies when we had a direct relationship advantage with our customers who could get us on the phone in a heartbeat? 

Being Quickly Available by Phone or Text is a Competitive Advantage Nowadays 

Today, a few dominant marketing companies monopolize several market spaces, including law firm marketing. Numerous individuals express dissatisfaction with these companies, citing delayed responses from their account representatives and a tendency to push for more marketing spending. Many larger operations rely solely on email and messaging, with no telephone number readily available. This impersonal approach often leaves clients feeling unheard and undervalued, a stark contrast to the personalized service offered by boutique firms. 

On the other hand, I find immense satisfaction in being readily accessible to my clients and potential customers. By handling all the work in-house, unless a unique project necessitates a team or outsourcing, I ensure that my clients know they are speaking directly to the person executing their requests. This level of personal involvement is something I cherish and a testament to my innovative approach to my work, which should reassure and instill confidence in my clients. 

Small Firm and Boutique Practitioners Are Masters of Their Craft

I like to tell people about having interns, spending more time corralling them, and keeping them tasked with projects when I could have done all the work myself because I’ve learned to be quick and efficient while writing, publishing, and making everything look good and interesting. It’s a lot of work, but I enjoy it because it satisfies my creative needs. Finding the right image and writing the perfect short title can be exciting, and that’s why I keep doing what I’ve been doing since just a couple of years after graduating from law school. My years of experience and expertise in the field allow me to deliver high-quality work and personalized service to my clients.

Thinking Big Also Requires Considering the Scale of Your Business and Happiness Factors 

At one point, I wanted to be the head of a large operation with offices in every county and give the big law firm marketing companies a run for their money, but the reality of that operation took me out of doing the work I love. So, like somewhat of a character, I stay at my desk in my beautiful solo firm office and come up with great ideas and work for my happy clients, who know they won’t decay in an email inbox for days before hearing back from someone to tell them their email is important to them. They’ve escalated your request to a team lead. This decision to stay small allows me to maintain a direct relationship with my clients, ensuring their needs are met promptly and effectively. 

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