Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It
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What are the features and benefits of LinkedIn Premium, and is it worth it?

LinkedIn Premium is a subscription service offered by the professional networking platform LinkedIn. This article will explore its features and benefits and evaluate whether it’s worth the investment.

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What is LinkedIn Premium?

LinkedIn Premium is a paid subscription service that offers additional features and tools beyond what is available with a free LinkedIn account. It is designed to help users enhance their professional networking, job searching, and personal branding efforts.

Key Features of LinkedIn Premium

Advanced Search Filters: With LinkedIn Premium, users can access advanced search filters, allowing them to refine their searches based on criteria such as industry, company size, and job title.

InMail Credits: LinkedIn Premium members receive a certain number of InMail credits each month, enabling them to send direct messages to other LinkedIn members outside their network.

Profile Views: Premium subscribers can see who has viewed their profile over the past 90 days, providing valuable insights into their visibility and reach on the platform.

Advanced Search Filters: Imagine having a finely tuned radar that sifts through the vast sea of LinkedIn profiles to pinpoint precisely what you’re looking for. With LinkedIn Premium, this becomes a reality. The advanced search filters empower users to narrow their search criteria, ensuring they connect with professionals who align perfectly with their goals and interests.

InMail Credits: Direct communication is often the key to unlocking new opportunities in professional networking. LinkedIn Premium grants users access to a valuable currency: InMail credits. These credits act as golden tickets, allowing members to reach out to potential connections, recruiters, and industry leaders with personalized messages, regardless of whether they’re within their network.

Profile Views: Knowledge is power, and insight into who’s been checking out your profile can be a game-changer when it comes to LinkedIn. LinkedIn Premium lets users see who has viewed their profile over the past 90 days. This invaluable data sheds light on your visibility and reach and presents strategic networking and engagement opportunities.

Benefits of LinkedIn Premium

Increased Visibility: Visibility is key in the competitive professional networking landscape. LinkedIn Premium subscribers enjoy enhanced visibility in search results and recommendations, ensuring their profiles stand out to potential employers, clients, and collaborators. With greater visibility comes increased opportunities for meaningful connections and career advancement.

Access to Learning Resources: They say knowledge is power, and LinkedIn Premium subscribers have access to a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips. Through LinkedIn Learning, users can explore a vast library of online courses covering topics ranging from professional development and leadership skills to technical expertise. LinkedIn Premium has you covered whether you’re looking to sharpen your skills or explore new horizons.

Job Seeking Tools: LinkedIn Premium offers a lifeline of support for those navigating the tumultuous waters of the job market. From enhanced job-seeking tools to insights into salary ranges and applicant insights, Premium subscribers gain a competitive edge in their job search endeavors. LinkedIn Premium equips you with the tools you need to succeed, whether actively seeking new opportunities or simply keeping an eye on the market.

Pricing Plans

LinkedIn Premium offers a range of subscription plans tailored to meet the diverse needs of its users. Whether you’re looking to advance your career, a business seeking to expand its network, or a sales professional aiming to boost productivity, there’s a plan for you. From Premium Career and Premium Business to Premium Sales Navigator, each plan offers unique features and benefits to help you achieve your goals.

Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It?

The million-dollar question is: Is LinkedIn Premium worth the investment? As with many things in life, the answer is… it depends. For active job seekers, sales professionals, and individuals looking to expand their network and enhance their professional brand, the features and tools offered by LinkedIn Premium can provide substantial value. However, the decision may require careful consideration for those with more limited networking needs or budget constraints.


“I upgraded to LinkedIn Premium, and it’s been a game-changer for my career. The enhanced visibility and access to premium features have opened doors I never thought possible. I highly recommend it to anyone serious about advancing their professional goals.” – John Doe, Marketing Manager.

Comparison with Free Version

While the accessible version of LinkedIn offers valuable networking opportunities, it pales compared to the robust features and tools LinkedIn Premium provides. From advanced search filters and InMail credits to enhanced visibility and job-seeking tools, LinkedIn Premium delivers a comprehensive resource suite to help users achieve their professional aspirations.

How to Maximize LinkedIn Premium

To maximize your LinkedIn Premium subscription, it’s essential to leverage all available features and tools to their fullest extent. Take advantage of advanced search filters to target specific industries, companies, and job titles. Use InMail credits strategically to reach potential connections and engage in meaningful conversations. Remember to explore the wealth of learning resources available through LinkedIn Learning to expand your skills and knowledge.


In conclusion, LinkedIn Premium offers a range of features and benefits designed to help users elevate their professional presence, expand their networks, and achieve their career goals. While the decision to invest in LinkedIn Premium ultimately depends on individual circumstances, its advantages justify the cost for many users.


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