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Law Firm Branding on Instagram

Law Firm Marketing and Instagram: It Works

Three years out of law school I jumped on a novel idea at the time, using social media in law firm advertising, marketing and public relations. It was 2005 and most people told me I was reaching at best. Politely thanking critics with a “just watch me” attitude I set out to persuade law firm managing partners to use social media. At the time, most law firm marketing budgets covered websites, phone book ads and placement in legal periodicals and newspapers. Feeling like a young creative innovator I found my way into speaking before groups of lawyers and my business model started catching traction. I really felt like an innovator and some called me an expert and leader in my field. Humbly, but proud, I can say many of my would-be competitors joined in the game after I was first and goal.

Innovation in any field must balance with the realities of business such as paying the bills and affording to take a salary. It became clear that more law firm patrons wanted nothing more and nothing less than what was the industry standard. Guess who created the industry standards in marketing? Big law.

Why Does Big Law Set the Standard?

“If big law does it, so can I,” was the accepted notion among small firms and sole practitioners. Many were new to the idea of social media marketing and it was a few years before the State Bars acknowledged the value and specifically carved out ethics language allowing for social media marketing. Remember that lawyer advertising was very limited in years past.

Fast forward to the 10-year mark in my practice – almost every firm had at least a Facebook page. What my client firms did not share with big law, were internal marketing departments. I chose to stick with the conservative approach and use the primary industry standard social media platforms, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google plus. Why use Google plus when nobody seems to use it? The answer is SEO and I am happy to have that conversation.

The Day Instagram Arrived on the Discussion Table

I would be remiss not to mention that blogs, podcasts and e-news compilations of content are also a vital part of any online marketing and branding plan. Today I still find new ways to repurpose the original content we write for our law firm clients. What I didn’t expect however was for a client to ask me for an Instagram account.

I started liking Instagram more during the height of the election chaos and virtual blackout of non-election information on social media. I liked the idea of “just pictures” and friends who were not politically polarizing. Working in online communications I quickly noted the “sponsored” (advertising) options on Instagram and reserved judgment. I thought, “Please do not let Instagram become another advertising-saturated social media site” As a Gen Xer I like others am quick to dodge targeted ads.

Is Instagram a Place Where We Can All Share our Brands Without Being Obtuse?

While I strongly believe that the public is better served by well-communicating lawyers and firms who share stories and updates about the law and how it affects us all, I am concerned with making my clients look good and we never want to be obnoxious. Introducing law on sites like Instagram requires we modify our approach and sail in among others on the feed with positive images and branding. We will keep it positive, keep it light and remember that a story can tell a thousand words.

Remembering that a call to action in a social media post can be a recommendation to visit the firm’s website for more information. Does that call to action must always be written? I say no. So long as there is a weblink in the Instagram profile, someone interested in your Instagram post knows how to find you.

My goal in writing this post is not to encourage everyone to jump on Instagram. I implore people to refrain from jumping into a new social media platform and treating it like everything else. If you chose to post on Instagram, have a plan and creative branding strategy.

While the difference in law firm marketing, advertising, branding and public relations may be subtle, the experienced social media user can tell who is doing it right and who is failing to respect them as the end user.

About Us: Lone Star Content Marketing manages law firm advertising, marketing and public relations. Call us at (940) 498-2863 for more information. We have plenty of articles and resources on our content marketing blog.

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Updating your website

Law Firm Marketing: Updating Your Website

The Key to Law Firm Marketing is A Frequently Optimized Website

When was the last time you updated your website? It is a good idea to update your website at least once a year. More frequently, you should check for security updates. As your practice grows, updating your website is important. Updating to newer website platforms that load quickly and work well on mobile devices helps people find you when they need you, without slowing them down.

As You Update or Replace Your Website:

  1. Use a modern website

Make sure a potential client or referral can quickly find your website and credentials. Even if you have a large network of people who send you cases, those referral clients may get nervous if their lawyer doesn’t have a modern website that is easy to navigate on computers and mobile devices.

  1. Make sure your website is easy to navigate

Look at a few big law firm websites and notice that many of them have simple layouts and are easy to navigate. You have one chance to make a first impression. The first time someone sees your site they will quickly form an impression of you and your firm.

  1. Avoid clutter on the home page

If a website has too much clutter, the user can be distracted and may not find the information they need. Make sure it is easy for people find out what you are all about and whether you are a good match for whatever services they seek.

  1. Use quality pictures and videos

A potential client or referral will appreciate a professional looking website. Current website platforms make it easy to incorporate quality imagery that makes you look good. Professional videos are a great way to share information about your practice in a way viewers can get to know you.

  1. Include links to your social networks

People like to know their lawyer is someone they can relate to. Be sure your website has links through which people can find your LinkedIn, Facebook and other networking sites, especially Avvo. Potential clients may be interested who you all know in common and in what activities you may be involved. Most people hire and make referrals to people they know, like and trust.

We Can Do Everything For You, From Writing to Publishing Your New Law Firm Website

When you are ready to update your law firm website, consider using Lone Star Content Marketing. We have a great WordPress website development team and can update your current website or build you a new site that is easy to read and navigate on any computer or mobile device. We can also help you build a blog article library and manage all your social media marketing and advertising.

About Us: Lone Star Content Marketing manages law firm advertising, marketing and public relations. Call us at (940) 498-2863 for more information. We have plenty of articles and resources on our content marketing blog.

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Social Media Marketing Texas

Managing Law Firm Social Media Campaigns

Law Firm Social Media Campaign Management 

When you hire an outside marketing firm to manage your social media, you can increase your outreach by interacting with your published posts, so they appear on more news feeds. The roles of the account holder and administrator can complement one another to boost search engine performance. At Lone Star Content Marketing, we manage social media for our Texas law firm clients. When our clients engage with the content we publish on their pages, we appreciate the team effort and see results.

Outsourcing Social Media Management Increases Visibility and Awareness.

The original account holder can publish to social media accounts; some people naturally spend more time on social media than others do, and sometimes that is personal time between commitments and they do not want to be researching and writing. Meanwhile, at Lone Star Content Marketing, we are writing frequent original content to publish directly to our clients’ social media accounts. A consistent peak web/mobile traffic schedule has a positive effect on organic search engine performance.

The type of content we write and publish for our clients is professional and resource driven, emphasizing legal industry news and updates in various practice areas. Likewise, with blog articles, our job is to tell a small story in our post headline, attracting readers to engage the post. Our clients can make more personal posts or comments based on what they observe in their practices.

Frequent, Original and Valued Content Affects Organic SEO

Increasing engagement with our social media posts is important because the increased activity causes organic (not boosted/sponsored) posts to appear in more follower news feeds. The engagement with an individual social media post can also cause your law firm social media page to show up in the news feeds of the people who liked, shared, commented or clicked to open a page you shared on your post.

Working together, we encourage our clients to engage the social media posts we publish on their accounts on our weekday schedules. We pay attention to the numbers of people with whom our clients’ content appears in news feeds, and the numbers are higher when our clients simply click the like, share or comment button.

About Us: Lone Star Content Marketing manages law firm advertising, marketing and public relations. Call us at (940) 498-2863 for more information. We have plenty of articles and resources on our content marketing blog.


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